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Whether you are a newbie to media or you are an avid media person, you would have discovered that the number of fans you have on the site would go a long way to cementing your influencer status on social media platforms. If somebody wants an account to gain the popularity you desire, you can start by buying Instagram followers. In a community driven by social construct principle like IG app, you would do well to buy 2000 Instagram followers. Trust us at FollowersID for your purchase to enhance your social marketing. We would offer real app users, with high credibility. 

Why Is the Fan Base So Crucial for Account?

When an account appears to be performing well in terms of fans, many people are inclined to follow such an Instagram page due to its large fan count. Therefore, a large fan base serves as a precursor to gaining new organic subscribers interested in your business and earning better visibility and social recognition, enhancing your social media presence. 

Why Should People Buy 2000 Instagram Followers?

The Instagram algorithm is designed so that accounts that seem to be blossoming are featured on Feeds for those who favor the Explore pages. With these insights, you would be better off building your account when you buy 2000 followers on Instagram. When people purchase real Instagram followers, they are doing a massive service of winning yourself and your social media promotion, which would pay off the amount you’ve incurred in folds.

How Long Would the Delivery of 2000 Followers Take?

Delivery time when people buy 2k followers on Instagram tends to take between 3-8 days. This is a measure that we have adopted in our bid to ensure that we do not contravene app guidelines. 

Who Is Likely to Buy 2000 Followers on Instagram?

Social influencers and business owners might buy Instagram followers, likes, and other platform growth services to boost their brand. By opting for these services, you would be enhancing your social recognition as yours would become a popular page to be reckoned with actual Instagram followers.

How to Buy 2k Instagram Followers Discreetly?

People should choose a package that matches their follower count and engagement rate and doesn’t raise suspicions if they intend to conform to the platform’s guidelines. In turn, FollowersID would adhere to all regulations and deliver subscribers in bits to not trigger the app guidelines. We provide real followers to you from worldwide accounts from America, Europe, Asia, and Arabian countries. These subscribers are genuine users who have high-quality profile pictures and bios. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our retention rate is higher than 80%. However, should you notice a decline in your number of fs within 30 days after the delivery is completed, we offer you a refill option. You need to reach out to our 24/7 available support team for your claim.

What if I lose my paid fans?

Would you mind endeavouring to go through the description for the packages thoroughly? You should be aware that we do not provide refunds when you are discontent with the quality of followers you receive, though we assure subscribers with top-notch bios and profiles. However, we do offer a refund in any of the two cases:

  • A situation where the delivery of the items customer has made payment doesn’t commence ten days after the order has been placed
  • A situation where the package delivered to your Instagram account does not match the description.

What if I don't like the quality of the subscribers?

We provide people with fans from worldwide accounts, Europe, Asia and America, and more. The option to target the audience that would interact with your post doesn’t exist as of now, but with the work our tech guys are putting in, we should be able to offer you a personalized service of active Instagram followers in the future.

Would my new paid fans actively like and comment on my content?

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