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10 Custom Comments

  • Fast delivery – 1-12 hours
  • Personalized & controlled
  • From REAL worldwide users
  • Refill guarantee

$ 5.39

$ 4.19

20 Custom Comments

  • Fast delivery – 1-12 hours
  • Personalized & controlled
  • From REAL worldwide users
  • Refill guarantee

$ 10.59

$ 8.29

25 Custom Comments

  • Fast delivery – 1-12 hours
  • Personalized & controlled
  • From REAL worldwide users
  • Refill guarantee

$ 13.19

$ 10.39

30 Custom Comments

  • Fast delivery – 1-12 hours
  • Personalized & controlled
  • From REAL worldwide users
  • Refill guarantee

$ 15.89

$ 12.39

50 Custom Comments

  • Fast delivery – 1-12 hours
  • Personalized & controlled
  • From REAL worldwide users
  • Refill guarantee

$ 26.29

$ 20.49

75 Custom Comments

  • Fast delivery – 1-12 hours
  • Personalized & controlled
  • From REAL worldwide users
  • Refill guarantee

$ 39.39

$ 30.69

100 Custom Comments

  • Fast delivery – 1-24 hours
  • Personalized & controlled
  • From REAL worldwide users
  • Refill guarantee

$ 52.39

$ 40.89

250 Custom Comments

  • Fast delivery – 1-24 hours
  • Personalized & controlled
  • From REAL worldwide users
  • Refill guarantee

$ 130.69

$ 102.19

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How to Place an Order on FollowersID

Choose the number of Instagram custom comments that suits your needs.

Step 1

Choose the package

Enter the account username. Select at most 5 posts to which you want us to split and deliver real comments provided by you.

Step 2

Enter the username

After the payment has been made, receive an order confirmation through email. Instant delivery will start within an hour after order confirmation.

Step 3

Order confirmation

Our Clients’ Reviews


I still can’t believe I paid so little for high quality comments. I looked for lower prices on other websites but couldn’t find anything. This kind of service helps me save both money and time. I should no longer attract more organic comments, and my user engagement rate is through the roof.


This is the best place to buy custom Insta comments from. My sister recommended this before I even knew such service existed. Now, I use it every time I post something new, whether it’s a video, or a photo. Even more, now it’s me recommending it to everyone.

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With nearly one billion Instagram users, the app can be a popular and obvious choice to market your products and gain an audience. Although it is a photos and videos platform, it’s one of the best places for growth in different businesses. Here, any profile can become a reputable brand, engaging millions to a personal product or service. However, turning into a person who inspires and influences others can be challenging in the world of social media, but it is still possible, especially if you buy custom Instagram comments. Building a buzz of interactions means expanding the network generally used for entertainment. The extra activity on the page promotes your talent to a larger audience.

Thus, brands significantly benefit from personalized reviews regarding their post or even products or services. More interactions result in more customer loyalty and a more significant potential profile following. When you buy real Instagram comments, it boosts your posts and manages the app algorithm to enlarge organic engagement.

Should You Buy IG Custom Comments from Real Users?

Random comments are standard and typically work for any post. You will not have complete control over the quality of such replies. It still can be helpful for increasing initial visibility and kick-starting online presence. But if you want a real and effective result for a long perspective, you should opt this service.

While ordinary social signals could work in certain situations, personalized interactions are better for a solid and high-quality presence on the internet and reputation management. They could also be used when you want a specific phrase or a particular hashtag for promotional campaigns. These tailor-made comments look like real reviews, which would help boost traffic on the posts.   

What Are the Benefits of Tailor-Made Instagram Social Signals?

There are several reasons to buy IG custom comments through real profiles: 

  • Make more real people engage with your content. 
  • Tailor-made reviews provide you with creativity and flexibility to manage your time, focusing on each new post. 
  • It’s a cheap alternative for promoting any product or service in a safe and effective way. 

Why Do You Need to Buy Custom Instagram Comments for Selected Post? 

One of the most important aspects of being successful is having a broad audience. Booming interactions motivate current fans be more active and increase the scope of the new potential following. Besides, this allows you to develop a real and solid customer base. Higher Instagram involvement means more possibilities of income growth at cheap prices.

By choosing tailored services for your Instagram account, you ensure quality engagement on your posts. It helps drive organic rise, positive reviews, and therefore expand your social media reach. Gaining coverage and building relationships with your followers will raise the popularity of your account. Moreover, every paid comment is attentively used under the same post so that the whole picture looks as attractive and realistic as possible. No matter which package you choose, each package will make your profile more trustworthy and authoritative.  

Can a Tailor-Made Enagement Impact Your Sales or Personal Branding?

Yes, definitely, each custom package can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Strong online presence will lead to a higher level of brand recognition making as many people as possible familiar with your brand and products. When more users see your post, more high quality profiles are involved. It means higher visibility and brand awareness.
  • When people see many replies on your Instagram posts, they feel empowered to write something themselves. Through high-quality Instagram engagement, you build faith with other potential customers. People want to buy or collaborate with accounts they have confidence in. Trust building and positive reviews are essential parts of social media marketing. 

Should You Buy IG Custom Comments Service? 

There are some ways you can encourage commenting, which is quite tricky, much more complicated than gaining more followers or organic likes. But all of the marketers will tell you that you should create engaging content that makes people leave a reply. Relevant comments give your profile credibility, social proof, and exposure it deserves. Our service can become a part of your marketing strategy.

A wide variety of people can benefit from personalized replies. If you are not getting enough social engagement on multiple posts and if you belong to any of these groups, you should definitely buy custom comments on Instagram:

  • Aspiring influencers can use the platform to show potential clients a lively and engaged audience.
  • Content creators or any other personalities are trying to build a following on their accounts.
  • Public figures, celebrities and influencers trying to make their popularity broader. 
  • Business owners who need to establish their brand and spread recognition among customers.
  • Digital marketing and advertising agencies need to grow their clients’ reputation, making their business brand popular.

Full Guide on How to Order Our Comment Service

Here is a step-by-step guide to buy Instagram comments custom:

  1. Choose the number of reviews on the main page.
  2. Enter the profile URL or username.
  3. Choose post on which you want to receive interactions. Then, enter your personalized text.
  4. Check out our payment methods, choosing the most convenient for you. We accept credit and debit cards, ApplePay, and GooglePay.
  5. Get order confirmation on your email. All purchased real custom comments will be delivered at the earliest time. 

We don’t have an auto refill system, so if you find that some of your comments drop (it can happen in rare cases), please write to our customer support.

Keep your security in mind: trusted service providers don’t need sensitive data; your account password is not required!

Why Is It Best to Order from FollowersID?

Our team of professionals prepared different useful SMM products that would come in handy while getting an audience. The packages are formed in a way our client could get amazing results!

We are proud of each profile that got higher rates due to cooperation with FollowersID. Begin making the first steps to your success and popularity on Instagram. Don’t wait for a pleasant moment! Try it right now!

Why We
FollowersID Advantages

Safe Order Process

We use the Norton Secured seal and SSL Certificate to secure your online transactions and keep our customers safe when interacting with our website.

Safe Order Process

Website Usability

An order making takes few minutes only. The process has no complicated issues. The interface is advanced and comprehensible.

Website Usability

Top-Notch Customer Support

Reliable communicative customer support is in touch every day from 9 am till 6 pm (GMT+1). People work for people. Fast and logical decisions for the questions appeared.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Valuable Expertise

Each team member came with a great marketing experience. We have the common aim to make the high-class product. The future excellent results of your account — our pride!

Valuable Expertise

Services Affordability

We want our customers to become repeat ones. Thus, we make sure our prices are one of the lowest in the market. Useful product for the good terms!

Services Affordability

For More Information Please Read the FAQ

Browse Q&A: Answering Your Top Questions

Yes, our paid services are entirely safe and secure since we do not need to access to your password. With the account username, we will easily be able to fulfill your requirements by using real accounts while ensuring your safety.

✔️ Is it safe to order Instagram comments custom?

Our services use only real accounts. Hence, this will only boost organic growth and not result in the blocking of your account.

✔️ Will Instagram block me if I buy IG custom comments service?

You can control what is said in the reviews since you will be providing them that need to be made from different and real accounts. However, we may reject messages with offensive or abusive language.

✔️ Can I control what is said in the reviews?

Yes, you can use emojis in the reviews. However, for adding mentions, you will have to choose the appropriate service.

✔️ Can I use emojis in replies? Is it possible to add mentions as well?

Yes, to receive custom social signals, you should make sure the profile is open. If your settings are private, the real accounts will not be able to access the post, and we will be unable to deliver your order.

✔️ Should my account be public?

Since real accounts make tailored reviews, we may take around twenty-four hours to deliver your order, depending on the package you choose.

✔️ How long does it take to deliver my order?

In this case, we can propose you buy random Instagram comments, which are random positive replies neutral to your post. Usually, it is just emojis. In addition, packages of this service can be spread across multiple posts.

✔️ What if I don’t want to write my own comments?

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