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Growing your Instagram profile and getting a lot of people to check your content can be challenging. However, you can get rid of such challenges by investing a little in video hits. Buying views will attract more people to your page, increase your videos’ reach and visibility within the app and eventually help developments grow in the social media marketing industry. But how can one buy Instagram views? Is it that important? You’ll find answers to these as you read through this article from our social media experts.

How Do Extra 500 Instagram Views Help Your Account?

Somebody’s account will grow faster if more users are viewing one’s content. However, getting many video plays might be challenging, which is why one needs to buy more views. The logic is that the platform algorithm is designed to assume the content is good when it has a high view. As such, it pushes it on the pages of more IG users. When people see your content has many hits, they also assume it’s worth checking, and they do so. If specific content interests them so much, they might choose to follow the page, increasing growth speed and your fan base with new followers.

Why Buy 500 Instagram Views?

Brand wears a positive image when content has a lot of plays. Thus, when you buy 500 Instagram views, you’re purchasing credibility for brands.

In other words, if you want to push content before a larger audience, some of which may be your target audience, and thus increase popularity on the platform, buying 500 Instagram views at affordable prices can help. This will also help to improve brand awareness.

Easy Steps to Buy 500 Views on Instagram

You can receive 500 high-quality views on the platform by following the simple steps below:

  1. Check your profile is public
  2. Select a package – There are several options to choose from, depending on your budget and how many video interactions you want. Thus the specific first step is to select the most suitable service package for you.
  3. Select Instagram posts – Now, you may proceed to input a specific username and select video posts. Passwords are not required.
  4. Make payment – The third and final stage is adding to the cart and paying directly on the payment page. After this, your request will be processed, and you’ll get the new views you paid for. We also offer fast delivery.

Security of Online Payments

We are concerned about the security of our customers and therefore use secure SSL protocols and accept payment methods like GooglePay and ApplePay. Also, among the payment options, there are cards of the international payment systems Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and more recently, you can pay for our services with cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

How Can You Ask for a Refill if Your Social Signals Drop After You’ll Buy 500 Real Views on Instagram?

If one patronizes a reliable website like, you don’t have to worry about your interactions dropping. Interactions you get from us are permanent (retention is not less than 80%). We offer a 30 days service guarantee for refill and refund.

The money-back guarantee is also valid for 30 days. If we’re unable to deliver at the stipulated time specified in the package description or ten days after payment is made, we’ll refund your money after your request. We don’t have an auto-refill or auto refund option; therefore, you need to send us a writing request to [email protected] with applied bills.

Can Paid Interactions Hurt Your Instagram Account?

Paid platform social signals can only hurt your account if the interactions are delivered with fake accounts or bots. However, that is not the case with us. We provide high-quality hits from real accounts; therefore, it won’t hurt in any way.

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Not so long ago, I opened FollowersID as a trustworthy provider with lots of Instagram services. Their genuine and cheap views’ pack lifted my Instagram presence and made my videos viral and recognizable. In turn, it’s engaging real users to be more active on my account. An incredible result from only 500 IG views, isn’t it?

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We don’t provide customized orders. But you can always write to our customer support team specifying the number of views you want, and we will advise you about our ability to satisfy your needs.

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Your interactions will come from real people. We deliver a few social signals more than you order to make your purchase as natural as possible.

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