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How to Buy 20 Instagram Likes?

Choose the number of real Instagram likes that suits your needs.

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One factor that attracts more audience to your publications is the number of hearts you have for that post. Having many reactions on publications, be it a photo, video, or text, is a great way to increase Insta page popularity and visibility.

Most people are exposed to heart publications on the Instagram account is not as easy as it sounds. If you depend on social media marketing for business, one of the fastest ways for achieving organic growth is to buy 20 Insta likes instead of waiting and hoping those post reactions will increase over time.

Why Do Social Signals from Real Accounts Make Content Look Attractive?

Imagine stumbling on a post with hundreds and thousands of reactions from more people. Of course, you will probably want to view that content = to know why many people liked it. That means that the more activity a post has, the more it garners social credibility, reach, and viewership. You can easily start your Instagram marketing journey with FollowersID and buy 20 IG likes to test our high-quality service.

Why Buy 20 Instagram Likes from FollowersID?

FollowersID is one of the most dependable social media services out there for buying likes. When you order more favorites, you automatically grow an account’s viewership and post engagement. With our public smart delivery technologies, we ensure that you get authentic accounts to like your posts in just a matter of minutes. This strategy with more likes will undoubtedly give your account more social media presence.

Why Might Option Buy 20 Insta Likes be a Helpful Solution for Your Promotion Strategy?

Raising your post engagement is a sure way for promoting your posts even with a small pack. When more real people heart your photos, videos, or written content, this means more engagement for your posts. And engagement is a key factor when it comes to how the app algorithm ranks posts and interaction activity.

More visibility means other users can see your content and some new accounts can start following you. And the last leads to potential customers in future. You can buy instagram likes once and feel the results after the instant start of the development process. By the way, take into consideration that despite the fact that we are a quick service, we dispatch your order in a completely secure gradual way. On the part of people’s opinion and according to the IG algorithm, it is the right way.

Can I Buy 20 IG Likes from a Specific Country?

No option supports buying 20 IG likes from a specific country. Our platform only provides reactions from real users from European, American, Arab, and Asian countries. But, we will consider such order details needs of our customers in the future to expand the range of our services to stay the best place for social media platforms. 

Everything You Should Know About Our Quality IG Service

Order making

Ordering real interactions from the FollowersID best site is secure, and it goes for a cheap price. All you need is to choose the number of real Instagram hearts suitable for you. Enter account information and select the post you want the likes package to apply. Proceed to check out and confirm an order.

High-quality interactions with fast delivery

When you order more cheap reactions for your brand or business, be rest assured that what you’ll get is high retention, activity on your posts. Customer satisfaction means a lot to us, hence we ensure that no bots get served for our customers.

Service guarantee

Our service guarantees the ranking provision of activity from genuine visible social media accounts, and this also comes with a 30-day refill guarantee (even after a small boost).

Our Reviews

Svein Br.

I didn’t believe paid services could be helpful somehow, but I needed to boost my page effectively and quickly. That’s why I decided to buy 20 real Instagram likes. As a result, I’ve got much more than I paid, and now I’m a regular FollowersID’s customer ;)


I hesitated a lot about purchasing social signals, but my curiosity overwhelmed me, and I decided to buy 20 likes on Instagram (one of the cheapest proposals). It was a pleasure to see that all hearts arrived from genuine accounts!

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💡 Frequently Asked Questions

It is secure and safe to get a paid favorites package from our platform. Mind you that we do not ask for your personal data, and we accept payments from multiple secure payment options.

💕 Is it safe and secure to buy 20 Instagram likes from

Apart from the small package option, you can choose the bigger package whenever you wish to order more interactions from more followers for the same post.

💕 Can I re-order 20 hearts for the same post?

Immediately your payment is confirmed on our system, delivery starts. Within the space of 15 min, you will receive 20 IG likes for your post. There can be a possible delay if we have a large number of orders simultaneously. Our delivery can take up to 1 or 2 hours to be completed in such a case.

💕 How quickly does delivery start?

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