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How to Place an Order on FollowersID

Choose the number of real Instagram likes that suits your needs.

Step 1

Choose the package

Enter the account username. Select at most 10 posts to which you want us to split and deliver the package.

Step 2

Enter the username

After the payment has been made, receive an order confirmation through email. Delivery will start within an hour after order confirmation.

Step 3

Order confirmation

Are you looking to beef up your positions in the social world and stand next to famous people? Well, why not buy 500 Instagram likes cheap?

Why Buy 500 Likes on Instagram?

Engagement rate studies showed that app users don’t engage very actively with your content, even if they find it valuable and enjoyable. And for the app algorithms, active interaction is the main trigger to rank your content higher and offer it to other users.

500 hearts may not seem like much, but if you just have that much, your posts will start to blow up much more.

This is a specific marketing strategy of credibility and growth opportunity that can really help, and the 500 Instagram likes package can help those who have been shadowbanned, as they are real interactions from real accounts.

Who May Need 500 Social Signals?

Those who may buy 500 Instagram likes include the platform users who are struggling to get their content seen by others, and those who want to look to develop their positions among other social media accounts. Artists and content creators who buy 500 real Instagram likes cheap will be able to market their content to others, and when they order a great amount of interactions, they’ll be able to grow presence, as their media accounts will be seen so much more by other genuine followers.

What Do You Need to Know Before Placing an Order?

In order to buy 500 likes on Instagram, you first will be required to keep your account public, insert your username and email address so we can send you an order confirmation. If you want those 500 favorites sent to the right Instagram account, always make sure you put in the correct account before paying. There is no need to enter any more personal details minus payment. The beauty of this is there is no password required.

One can buy Instagram likes on our payment page using different types of cards, provided that they’re Visa or MasterCard credit cards, or one can use Maestro debit card, Google and Apple Pay, Ethereum, and Bitcoin for this.

You can order the entire package just for one Instagram post or spread it through multiple posts (up to ten).

You can also buy other social media marketing packages that offer different accounts benefits such as video views, comments, shares, and whatnot.

The client does get the instant delivery start, so with this safe and highly secure method, one should see high-quality interactions right away. The number of paid hearts is based on how much you’re willing to pay, so more engagement, more real people seeing your stuff.

Pros of Buying Likes from Real Instagram Users to Promote Your Account

It is social proof that the more fans’ activity you have on the platform, the better the engagement. If it is noticed fewer people are engaging with content, one can purchase 500 IG likes on the platform in order to start getting seen once again.

A marketing campaign can benefit from this, since with more reactions, you’ll show up on the explore page, and from there the number of likes will further increase, reaching a wider audience and now with more engagement than before.

One can also buy real Instagram followers here with FollowersID to enhance your social media presence, give your business account more credibility and social proof that you are a brand and deserve attention.

This increases your popularity, and it does make your quality content more visible, so buy IG likes if you want to try your hand with this online shop.

Can You Order the Same Product from Different Contractors Simultaneously?

You cannot do that with our service. This is because we can’t monitor to see if your package was delivered in full, and we can’t see if there’s a drop in reactions that we need to refill. You need to make sure that you get this place from only one service and let that follow through to the end before you choose another shop. If the delivery of hearts is too fast, this may raise suspicions, and under Instagram’s terms, your account may be suspended.

Can You Cancel Your Order and Get a Full Refund If You Dislike the Service?

Since the service is irreversible, it is not possible to cancel the order as soon as it is taken for delivery. We do not offer a full refund, but you’ll find with this exceptional product and full price, you won’t need it.

However, if that will notice that the delivery didn’t start until after 10 days of ordering the service, or if the delivered item doesn’t match the description, such as you bought likes when you wanted likes and whatnot, we do offer a full refund for that.

But with this high-quality, exceptional service with affordable prices and fast delivery, you’ll recognize significant changes to achieve success once you start to use this.

What If You Lose Your Paid Activity?

In the event that the paid interactions are lost, we will refill it if it’s within 30 days of you purchasing that.

We usually provide an affordable high-retention from public pages for visibility, and many of our Instagram posts offer paid visibility reactions to have a much better audience (for companies) reach once we start to use our quality services.

However, if you do need a refill and you notice the activity is dropping, you need to contact our customer support team in order to get these activities as there is no auto-refill program, so you will have to refill when you’re done.

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I’ve already told all my friends about this discovery and incorporated this service into my social media marketing strategy. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t order this package earlier, as I could avoid so many difficulties I’ve faced during my organic promotion.

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