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$ 2.79

$ 2.19
  • Fast delivery: 5-15 min
  • ❀️ from REAL people
  • Split into a max of 3 posts
  • Instant delivery start
  • Top-notch customer support
We accept the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoin, Ethereum 30-days refund guarantee Norton seal powered by Symantec

How to Buy 60 Instagram Likes?

Choose the number of real Instagram likes that suits your needs.

Choose the package

Enter the account username. Select at most 3 posts to which you want us to split and deliver the signals package.

Enter the username

After the payment has been made, receive an order confirmation through email. Delivery will start within an hour after order confirmation.

Order confirmation

Instagram offers a lot of benefits ranging from monetary to earning you popularity. However, reaping these multitudes of benefits is no mean feat, especially if you are new to the platform; you will notice that you find engagements hard to come by as users are often tilted to accounts with the social proof of desirability. You can help your posts when you buy 60 Instagram likes from FollowersID.

Reasons to Choose a Small Pack of 60 Instagram Likes

Below are several reasons to opt for a small pack of 60 “hearts” to help your posts along

  • Improve your social media page
  • Earn social proof of content desirability
  • Better engagements 
  • Help your Instagram marketing
  • Enhanced credibility 
  • Increased interactions with your posts

What Data Should You Provide to Order 60 IG Likes?

We would only request your username and email address to deploy your 60 “hearts” to your post(s). We never request your password; thus, beware of sites that do. You have the option of either deploying all fans’ reactions from real accounts to a single post or spread across three posts.

Can You Buy 60 Instagram Likes from a Target Country?

Such an option does not exist yet. We provide you with 60 real Instagram likes from accounts worldwide; European, American, Arab, and Asian.

How Quickly Will Your Purchased Package of 60 “Hearts” Appear on Your Post?

Your 60 real IG likes would be deployed within 15 minutes after completing your order on the payment page. However, time may vary due to a large queue of orders that may slow down processing time as we seek to imitate natural activity so as not to trigger the application algorithm.

What if Your Paid “Hearts” Will Drop?

If you happen to notice that your paid social signals drop within 30 days, do not hesitate to reach out to us for a refill.

Our Reviews


It worked! I gave it a try to see if it would deliver as promised, and it did. It is nothing short of amazing, and I’m already looking forward to trying other available packages.


It is not exactly a vast following that came with it, but heck, it was what I paid for. I will be going for bigger packages next.

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