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How to Buy 50 Real Instagram Likes?

Choose the number of real likes that suits your needs.

Step 1

Choose the package

Enter the account username. Select at most 2 posts to which you want us to split and deliver the signals package.

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Enter the username

After the payment has been made, receive an order confirmation through email. Delivery will start within an hour after order confirmation.

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Order confirmation

If you want your page to succeed, more social signals can increase your chances of success. When posts are liked, the algorithm spreads it around, allowing more people to see what you’re posting.

However, no matter how many high-quality platform photos from Instagram posts are, some users may feel like they are getting no traction. Getting Instagram followers can indeed be a challenge, which is why many turn to our buy 50 IG likes package to help your content become visible within the app.

Reasons to Buy 50 Instagram Likes for Your Pictures?

You have to admit, it’s pretty cool when your publications get some feedback from the audience. That is why our service is highly valued by regular customers. Because you will be able to evaluate this connection with subscribers a few days after the order delivery. Let’s go through what else might be useful to your account:

  • You obtain personal activity (or other interaction) from real accounts. These are real users who will engage with your profile and allow it to gain some traction.
  • Obtaining high-quality likes can be challenging. No matter how you tag posts, there are times where the platform algorithm feels against you. Our high-quality service can give you a boost that allows you to traverse the tricky algorithm.
  • It’s so easy for brand promotion. Not only can you buy 50 Instagram likes cheap, but you only need to enter your username. Nothing else is required.

Who Do You Recommend to Buy 50 Likes on Instagram?

Activity on this platform is always quite difficult to achieve. If we are talking about simply maintaining new accounts, without resorting to paid professional services. After reading our reviews from many people, you can make sure that the service is worthy of popularity not only among blogs with a million people, but also among users who just run a small online business. The key categories who should consider the idea to buy Instagram likes from this exceptional service are:

  • Businesses that need Instagram success to market. Using our paid services allows you to spend time building other parts of business.
  • Influencers who want to grow their audience and popularity for social media marketing purposes.
  • People who just want more engagement on their social media accounts. Anyone can benefit from our packages to help grow their online presence and to have more eyes on what they are trying to say via Instagram account organically.

The marketing strategy takes into consideration all the arguments above for one’s profile to quickly increase its development. If you follow the algorithm of the platform such a purchase will definitely be a benefit. So, buy 50 Instagram likes and ensure our recommendations in a moment!

What Is the Quality of the Accounts from which Our Buy 50 Instagram Likes Will Come?

We send real Instagram users to react with your posts for quality content. We never send empty accounts or bots towards your way. All accounts come worldwide for brand awareness, and they are guaranteed to engage with your content.

Once we receive payment, we will send the reactions your way gradually. This way, you avoid triggering any suspicion from the site. You can also opt for one of our automatic Instagram likes packages to receive stable interaction daily under a month subscription service.

We accept payments from all major debit and credit cards, Google and Apple Pay, and cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What Benefits and Guarantees Does FollowersID Offer? 


We send real 50 IG likes your way to reactions on posts and encourage organic growth. Quick delivery means that we dispatch interactions as soon as possible, and we conform with the app’s terms and try to enable an instant start for your order to be operated. You don’t have to spend as much time growing IG account as a result. And one more important point is our affordable prices for more likes or for other activities.


  • We offer a 30-day refill guarantee. If paid “hearts” disappear from your posts, we will replenish them.
  • We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t receive our likes from real users within 10 days, or we send the wrong package to a social media account.
  • Read the FAQ or contact us for more information on our guarantees.
Our Reviews


Before going for more significant numbers, I decided to buy 50 Insta likes to be confident this promotion is good enough for my page. The results were even better than I could imagine - I got much more attention, including new followers as well.

Isla M.

It is my first purchase, as I never thought paid likes could positively affect my online experience. But... showed how wrong I was. So, I’ll come back soon ;)


If you’re looking to buy 50 likes on Instagram cheap, FollowersId is a great place to start from. It’s a perfect package to test the service :)

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Safe Order Process

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Top-Notch Customer Support

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💡 Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us within 30 days providing relevant evidence supporting the claim, and we will replenish your likes with no questions asked. Our refill guarantee means you will never have to worry about losing social signals after instant delivery.

💕 What if I lose my paid 50 likes? How does the REFILL guarantee work?

Our site uses security measures to make sure your payments are safe. As for social pages, we follow the app’s terms as closely as possible and deliver the reactions on social profiles posts in a nearly organic manner.

💕 Is it secure and safe to buy 50 real Instagram likes from FollowersID?

Do you have several high-quality pictures that need liking? We can be able to split interactions across different photos. For example, you can select no more than 2 posts to spread a package of 50 likes. The larger the package, the more posts you will be able to share reactions. If some questions are left please contact our excellent customer support.

💕 Can I split an interaction package to several Instagram photos?

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