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100 IGTV Likes

  • Delivery time 1-4 hours
  • Likes from REAL users
  • Refill guarantee
  • Friendly customer support


250 IGTV Likes

  • Delivery time 1-4 hours
  • Likes from REAL users
  • Refill guarantee
  • Friendly customer support


500 IGTV Likes

  • Delivery time 1-4 hours
  • Likes from REAL users
  • Refill guarantee
  • Friendly customer support


1000 IGTV Likes

  • Delivery time 1-4 hours
  • Likes from REAL users
  • Refill guarantee
  • Friendly customer support


2500 IGTV Likes

  • Delivery time 1-6 hours
  • Likes from REAL users
  • Refill guarantee
  • Friendly customer support


5000 IGTV Likes

  • Delivery time 1-6 hours
  • Likes from REAL users
  • Refill guarantee
  • Friendly customer support


10000 IGTV Likes

  • Delivery time 1-12 hours
  • Likes from REAL users
  • Refill guarantee
  • Friendly customer support


We accept the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoin, Ethereum

How to Order IGTV Likes from FollowersID

Choose the number of IGTV video likes that suits your needs.

Choose the package

Enter the account username. Select at most 10 posts to which you want us to split and deliver the IGTV likes package.

Enter the username

After the payment has been made, receive an order confirmation through email. Delivery will start within an hour after order confirmation.

Order confirmation

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How Does IGTV Affect Your Account?

Instagram is one of the world’s leading social media applications. Its relevance as an entertainment and business platform continues to increase every year. Videos are absolutely critical to the app’s experience. The creators realized the one-minute maximum length on a post and 15 seconds length on Stories were too short and needed some extension. This necessitated the development of Instagram TV, known simply as IGTV. In this place, content makers can now share high-quality video clips, which span as long as 15 minutes on mobile and 60 minutes on a website. This means account owners can now express themselves better, longer, and in more creative ways.

Do IGTV Likes Matter?

As with the parent network, engagements are invaluable on IGTV. Likes are an important marker of engagement. The higher the hearts on the video, the more users believe the IGTV video is popular, wishing to check it out. Likes on your IGTV video also mean it will be considered trending. The algorithm will naturally rank it higher, suggesting it to more people. So yes, IGTV video likes do matter greatly. It is essential for social media marketing strategy, which is why you’ll benefit significantly from buying IGTV likes today.

What Are The Reasons to Buy IGTV Likes?

  • Increased visibility of your content as Instagram IGTV will link it with millions of other users, making online presence stronger.
  • Social signals will grow in an organic way, ranking posts on a higher level. Thus, likes, comments, and other engagement types that show the popularity of any high-quality IGTV video will soar as well, helping to reach a broader audience.
  • There is a natural increase in posts’ approval as more people will view such profiles, being interested in something already popular with others.
  • Boost followers on your account, keeping social media growth moving forward effectively, real, and safe.

Who Should Buy Instagram TV Likes?

Buying IGTV likes will be cheap and a great benefit regardless of the type of account you have because of the undeniable boost with favorites, as enumerated above. If a page falls under any of the following categories, you should definitely buy IGTV likes today:

  • Aspiring and established influencers to improve brand awareness and promotion of products and services for their clients.
  • Creative individuals such as singers, rappers, bloggers, video editors, painters, and artisans.
  • Celebrities who want to better interact with their fans and audience.
  • Businesses that want to better advertise their products and services for increased sales.

How to Buy IGTV Likes?

It’s easy to buy Instagram TV likes from our website. All you have to do is follow these few steps to get this IGTV social media marketing service:

  1. Search for and select the package corresponding to the number of Instagram TV likes you need.
  2. Copy and paste account link or @username, choose maximum 10 videos you want to receive real service for.
  3. Proceed to the payment page and pick the secure payment option you find most suitable.
  4. Get order confirmation and wait for Instagram IGTV likes to roll in.

Can I Share My Likes Across Multiple IGTV Videos?

Yes, you can distribute your likes across multiple IGTV videos. The maximum number of videos you can link to purchase is 10. Each video must be assigned a minimum of 20 likes.

Can I Buy IGTV Likes for a Private IG Page?

No, you will not buy IGTV likes when your profile setting is still private. To access this service, you will be required to change your settings to make your page public. We cannot work on closed accounts.

Do You Offer Guarantees on Purchases?

At FollowersID, we offer a refill guarantee within 30 days. All you need to do is contact our support staff through our email address, phone lines, or other provided contact information. We will review any complaints about our marketing services and act accordingly.

Why Choose FollowersID for Your Instagram TV Video Likes?

When you need to buy IGTV likes, look no further than FollowersID. We are seasoned and experienced at providing a variety of cheapest and safe social media services. Our company can help your online business or brand with any social media marketing needs. So, if you need IGTV likes for promoting any video post, you should definitely contact us, and we’ll make things go easy. This is because:

  • We are experts at delivering high-quality social media services, buoyed by our many years of experience.
  • We do not joke with our customers’ safety issues; we protect all information you share with us while using any services.
  • We know all the terms of service, rules, and regulations of the platform and take careful steps to avoid any violation that may affect our customers.
  • All our packages are available at affordable prices and come with fast delivery.
  • We have numerous glowing reviews about our marketing services to prove that we care for each client.
  • We provide excellent customer support all through the period we are providing any service.
Why Should You Order from FollowersID?

Our team of professionals prepared different useful SMM products that would come in handy while getting an audience. The packages are formed in a way our client could get the best engagement results!

We are proud of each Instagram profile that got higher rates due to cooperation with FollowersID. Begin making the first steps to your success and popularity on Instagram. Don’t wait for a pleasant moment! Try it right now!

Why We
FollowersID Advantages

We use the Norton Secured seal, powered by Symantec, and SSL Certificate to secure your online transactions and keep our customers safe when interacting with our website.

Safe Order Process

Safe Order Process

An order making takes few minutes only. The process has no complicated issues. The interface is advanced and comprehensible.

The Website Usability

The Website Usability

Reliable communicative customer support is in touch every day from 9 am till 6 pm (GMT+1). People work for people. Fast and logical decisions for the questions appeared.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Top-Notch Customer Support

Each team member came with a great marketing experience. We have the common aim to make the high-class product. The future excellent results of your account – our pride!

Valuable Expertise

Valuable Expertise

We want our customers to become repeat ones. That is why our prices are one of the lowest in the market. Useful product for the good terms!

Services Affordability

Services Affordability

For More Information Please Read the FAQ

Q&A on IGTV Likes Service

Your username and email address are all we need for delivering your IGTV likes. We respect your privacy and will never ask for your password.

What personal information do you need from me before I order something?

We offer prospective clients a healthy variety of options, including a debit or credit card from Visa or MasterCard, Maestro, GooglePay, and ApplePay for secure transactions.

What payment options does FollowersID offer?

The packages determine the waiting time. Smaller packages will be fully delivered within 4 hours, while some larger ones may take 12 hours.

After paying, how long do I have to wait to get my IGTV likes delivered?

Yes, especially when buying from FollowersID. We provide high-quality services so you can trust us completely. All hearts we deliver are from real IGTV profiles that keep with the app’s terms of service. Using bots to engage your content is not something we do when providing IGTV services.

Is it safe to purchase IGTV likes?

No, our algorithm works so that no one can detect that you paid for the interaction with your content. We are big on confidentiality, and unless you reveal this information yourself, it will remain our little secret.

Will people know that my IGTV likes were paid for?

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